Veckle Mini 0906 Review – Little in size and little in reliability

Key features:

  • Max resolution: 1080p at 60 fps for just the front camera or 30fps for both front and rear cameras
  • 1.5” screen
  • GPS logging
  • G-sensor
  • Time-lapse parking mode
  • 130 degree view at the front and 145 degree view at the rear
  • Night vision
  • CPL reflection filter
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The Veckle mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam is a mid-range product on Amazon. Like many of its competitors priced within this price bracket, the camera records in 1080p HD video, 60fps with the front camera or at 30fps with both cameras operating. At first it appears to be pretty comparable to most, but a closer look into its features and reliability highlights some important things the Veckle mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam is missing. Once I was able to set up the dash cam to my car with a little (ok, a lot) of confusion with the menus and general installation, I was able to see how it performed

Video and audio quality

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re recording from the front camera only, you can expect to capture very high quality footage at 60fps and 1080p. However, if you’re running both the front and rear together – as you would be expected to if you have a dual dash cam available to you – it’s only capturing 30fps each

The front camera is great quality both during the day and night, with clean, crisp footage and detail (like number plates and signage) that’s easy to make out. I can’t say the same for the rear camera. While it is reasonable during the daylight, it’s pretty average quality in low light conditions. This likely has something to do with the CPL filter which is designed to reduce glare and reflections during the day, which consequently impacts visibility at night. 

The wide angle views of both cameras are great. The front camera has a 130-degree view and the rear camera has a 145-degree angle. Both are fully capable of covering three lanes of road traffic simultaneously. 

Despite this great footage and the wide angles of the Veckle mini 0906 Dual, I have experienced on a two occasions that the camera will lock up and freeze at random in just six-short-months of owning it. It doesn’t appear to be a cable problem, but one that has occurred for no real reason, which doesn’t instil me with a lot of confidence in the reliability of the product. Both times I have had to remove the power source to the product and restart it. 

For me, one of the biggest fault with this product is that the camera doesn’t turn on automatically when you turn on your car every time. I think it’s supposed to (surely, right?) but I do often have to check it is recording before I drive off.

Safety features

A good feature of the Veckle mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam is the built in GPS. The camera records your location and speed, stamping this valuable footage with this data, an important source of information for insurance claims and police reports. My experience looking at the playback of my video footage shows that this speed stamp doesn’t always work – it is intermittent rather than consistent. The Veckle mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam also has a remote control that allows you to take still images from the recording or standby dash cam by the press of a button. 

G-sensor is an excellent functionality. It recognises when an incident is occurring and saves the video footage into a separate file for insurance purposes, removing the risk of it being overwritten during its typical 3-minute loop. The downfall with this is that the video files are not sorted in such a way that the locked/G-senor files are isolated for future viewing. You need to manually go through them trying to recall when it happened and which videos they would be.

The parking mode feature in the Mini 0906 means that it records in a time-lapse when the ignition is off – time-lapse is a much slower frame rate. When motion is sensed surrounding your car, it then records at the normal frame rate of 30fps for 15 seconds, before switch back to reduced frame rate. However it is important to note that, this surveillance feature is only available if you have hardwired the dash cam to your car, rather than using the cigarette lighter and ignition to power it.

A feature known as a CPL reflection filter is an add-on accessory that reduces glare and reflection from water, glass, lights – often seen as a bright glimmer or shine in a video which obstructs the footage. This is good for keeping the picture clear, especially in sunshine and daytime conditions, but this filter has a negative impact on the night footage, especially for the rear camera.

The Mini 0906 uses a capacitor instead of a battery. The purpose of this is to be more durable and reliable, withstanding extreme weather conditions. Ironically, the camera itself is always incredibly hot to touch when running… even when it’s not hot outside. No wonder the camera has frozen for me in the past!

Our verdict

I’m not convinced on the reliability of the Veckle mini 0906 dual dash cam. The camera quality was reasonable and it has plenty of good features like dual camera which gives you a holistic view of the road, as well as GPS and G-sensor, the performance of the product seems intermittent, with some definite flaws. For a mid-class product like this, I would expect it to be much better performing and easier to use. One piece of advice if you are to go with the Veckle mini 0906 dual – do not skim on micro SD card when purchasing. This is an add-on and not part of the purchase price, but you do need to invest in a class 10 or faster performing card to ensure it works effectively.