Rexing V1 Dash Cam Review – A safe, inexpensive investment

Key features:

  • Automatically turns ‘on’ and ‘’off’ with your car 
  • Video settings allow you to select from 1080p, 720p, and 480p resolutions 
  • Micro SD card required to store footage (Need to purchase separately)
  • Display size is 2.4″ LCD
  • Gravity sensor detects a collision and the current video will be locked, saving vital video footage 
  • Loop recording so you don’t have to worry about running out of memory
  • 170 degree ultra-wide angle lens and WDR so you can capture the entirety of the road
  • Night vision captures footage in low-light conditions
  • Optional GPS add-on to see real time information about your speed, location, and more (Need to purchase separately)
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When it comes to dash cams, the options and features can be endless, and the differences in their prices can be equally disparate. But the most important consideration is not the bells-and-whistles, it’s the reliability of the cam; this is what is going to help you prove how accident, road rage or vandalism has happened. 

Gaining a lot of attention online at the moment is the Rexing V1 which is considered a good entry-level dash cam. I have been using the Rexing V1 for the last three months, and here’s my verdict on how it measures up on some of the most important attributes of a good dash cam.


A relatively inexpensive cam at just $100 on Amazon, it has loads of available features, including automatic recording, gravity sensors and a 170 degree view, just to name a few. For this reason, I am impressed the value for money when compared to other products on Amazon. Whilst GPS capability in not a standard feature on the Rexing V1, I believe it is a worthwhile add-on for a small investment of about $30. The GPS gives you real time information about your speed and location which is incredible important information needed for insurance disputes.

I had no troubles installing and using the Rexing V1 – it was a case of mounting it on the windshield using the adhesive mount provided, securing the cable so it was out of my vision, plugging it in and starting my car. Once installed and turned on, the dash cam will in future turn on and start recording automatically, which is great to not have to manually press record/stop each time I get into the car. 

The image quality is very good during the day (I will address night time quality later) – with the option to select from 1080p, 720p, and 480p video resolutions. During the playback I could see the colors were bright and picture was clear. I also found the audio quality it picked up to be very good. 

The gravity sensor feature is a standout for me compared to many of the other entry-level products on the market. While I am fortunate not to have needed it yet, this is absolutely critical in the event of an accident. Once activated, it will immediately activate memory lock and secure all existing data in it. This is a ‘must have’ feature if you are investing in any dash cam!

Now I must admit, I was not very strategic when I placed the dash cam on my windscreen for the first time, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that regardless of where it was placed, it picked up the entirety of the road ahead thanks to its 170 degree wide-screen lens.


While I mentioned earlier that overall, image quality was good during the daytime, the night time video footage is very average, despite having night vision as a feature of the product. In a rural road with sparse street lighting, you cannot see much around your car beyond your own headlights. 

Additional to this image quality, one important downside to the daytime footage was that I was not able to make out license plate details whilst the car was moving, which I was quite disappointed to observe during the playback. However, once stationary, these details are easily picked up. This could be that the Rexing V1 only records up to 30fps, which is not high speed, therefore missing these finer details. I do feel this granularity could be quite limiting should you be faced in the situation of a ‘hit-and-run’. 

Like many of the reviews I have seen about this product already, I can echo that the adhesive pad used to stick the Rexing V1 to the windshield does not hold up during the summer months. After a few days in the sun, the camera became loose from my windscreen, despite cleaning it well with alcohol wipes prior to installation. I went out and purchased the suction cap mount separately. It was a slight improvement, however is something I do need to check and reposition when I have left my car outside in the sun for an extended period of time. 

Another downside of the Rexing V1 is the lack of internal memory. A separate class 10 micro-SD card is required to store the footage from the cam and this is a separate purchase. I went with a 128GB micro-SD card which gives me more than 20 hours of recording at the highest resolution – 1080p. I am hopeful that this quality SD card will give me a few years of constant, reliable video recording and overwriting of old footage.

Our verdict

The Rexing V1 an inexpensive, quality device that does not compromise on its features or design. The features offered by this product exceed those provided by competing dash cams on the market, and the quality of video footage is great. The Rexing V1 is the perfect ‘must-have’ for every car that will give you the extra level of insurance protection you need. I strongly suggest everyone considers purchasing the GPS add-on offered, for extra peace of mind when it comes to any possible future insurance claims, and invest in a good quality class 10 micro-SD card with decent storage.