SpyTec A119 V2 Dash Cam Review – A compact, quality product with GPS

Key features:

  • Screen size: 2 inch
  • 160-degree wide lens viewing angle
  • Full HD video and audio recording
  • GPS logger – with time/date/speed stamp on video
  • Automatic recording
  • Real-time and playback views
  • G-sensor
  • Loop recording
  • Max resolution: 2560×1440 @ 30fps
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The SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 is a wedge shaped, compact camera comes in at a modest entry-level price range of just $99.95 on Amazon. But its standout feature – in my humble opinion – compared to many of its competitors on the market is the inclusion of a GPS logger amongst its other impressive features. We tested out this neat little dash cam to evaluate the quality of footage and reliability of the product… here’s what we found.

Set up:

The SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 is a forward-facing dash cam which attaches to the inside of your car’s windshield. It is very easy to install, with an adhesive mounting pad to hold it in place – a much better option than suction cups, holding it place and preventing any vibration and movement over bumps on the road. This is the simple type of installation that didn’t even require me to check out the instructions for guidance. Then it was just matter of plugging in the cable to the car’s cigarette lighter which means that as soon as the ignition is switched on, the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 automatically starts recording.

Video and audio quality:

I was pleasantly surprised given its modest price tag, but the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 is a great stealthy little camera that records very good video, both during the day and night. Recording full of 1080p HD video with audio means you have a very clear picture of the road including street signs and license plates, even when in motion. As well as a crisp visual with explicit detail, the audio was also great thanks to an embedded microphone. The SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 has a wide angle lens, capturing 160 degree view. This is a rotatable lens which gives you the ability to adjust the appearance from top to bottom or vice versa, and look for the most appropriate position for your dash cam to record. This feature enables you to see more detail on the road, keeping you safer and capturing more than your typical line of sight. In addition to this, the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 has real-time playback on its 2 inch screen which means you don’t need to wait until you get home to replay what it’s captured – you can do it then and there. The buttons and menus on the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 are very easy to use and navigate, even for first-timers (who didn’t read the instructions) like me

Safety features:

I was very pleased to stumble across an entry-level dash cam which included the GPS logging feature – this is pretty rare. The GPS logs your exact location and driving speed at any given time. This type of information is incredibly important for security and safety purposes to prove you weren’t speeding or to confirm timing of an incident. It’s necessary for insurance claims and police reports. Beyond its practicality for a specific incident or insurance claim, this type of feature can also be incredibly useful for young or first time drivers, bringing awareness to the fact that this type of information is being recorded, which can in turn encourage better driving.  

The loop recording allows you to record in 3, 5, or 10 minute intervals. Once you have reached the full storage limit of your SD card, new recordings will automatically overwrite oldest recordings, meaning you won’t run out of memory unexpectedly. But what’s important to note is that with the G-sensor feature, any impact events such as a car accident are automatically captured and stored in a separate folder so they are not accidently overwritten.

The SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 uses a capacitor instead of a battery. This means that it’s far more durable and reliable, especially under extreme temperatures like those we experience in Florida. You don’t have to worry about the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 malfunctioning due to overheating in the sun, or on the contrary, being affected in the cooler months. The 5V 1A capacitor plugs directly into your car for continuous power as the car is running. In the event of an accident or motion, your driving recorder will always be on and ready to record so long as your car ignition is switched on.

Features not automatically included

Like many other dash cams, the memory card (micro SD) is not included in the price of a SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 and needs to be purchased separately. And although the SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 manual says it supports up to 64GB cards, however the manufacturer has confirmed it will also take 128GB cards without any problems. Just make sure it’s a class 10, quality SD card. You can expect that a 128GB memory card will allow you to record over 14 hours of video before the loop recording kicks in, overwriting older footage. That’s really the only exclusion for this cost-effective product!

Our verdict

The SpyTec A119 Dash Cam Version 2 offers several features that produce better value than the previous generation V1 model. As an entry level dash cam, its compact body, high definition footage and GPS logging is a real stand out compared to any other brand. There are very few things I can fault about this product. It is safe, it is reliable – even in extreme weather conditions – and most importantly, it is going to keep you safe on the road. Be sure to purchase separately a quality and large micro SD card to install into your dash cam. Otherwise, I give it two thumbs up – absolutely worth the modest $100 it costs and should be in every car.