How Long Do Dash Cameras Record For?

This depends on the size of your memory card and what resolution you want to record your video in. For those of us that want to go viral on YouTube, the higher resolutions and frame rates we love take up more memory and deliver less recording time. Combat this by adding a bigger memory card for more storage and longer recording times.

Just make sure your dash cam is compatible with larger memory cards before you start spending!

For a good estimate, lets look at using a 32GB SD card. If you decide to record your video in 720p resolution, then you will get about 4 hours footage.

Dash cam footage is broken up into short video loops to make things more manageable. The default video time loop is normally three minutes. Three-minute loops are manageable, easy to download and transfer between devices – especially great for WIFI enabled dash cams.

Once you start your vehicle, your dash cam will start rolling!

Unlike your phone, the recording doesn’t stop once the card is full, it loops back and overwrites old files you don’t need anymore.

How do I stop an important video from being wiped?

When the camera’s G-Sensor activates, it should automatically protect your files. You can also press the file protect button manually to do the same thing. Keeps your insurance premiums lower and stops you losing important evidence after a crash.

Loop recording is a continuous recording solution that automatically overwrites older files, so you don’t have to worry about your SD card filling up.

Don’t store your important videos on your dash cam forever!

To get the most of your memory, format your SD card at least once a month. For the forgetful ones among us, use the set-up menu functionality to automatically delete old files for you.

We are all different, which is why most dash cams let you the ability customise your video loops and resolution. You can decide if you want to break your card up into 1, 3- or 5-minute loops.

If there are loads of crazy drivers in your area, why not set your cam to premium 1440p Quad HD resolution for the chance to go viral on YouTube. This will reduce your recording time, so it makes good sense to boost your memory with a 64GB SD card. You will only get about 2 hours from your 32GB card.