ThiEYE T5e Action Camera- The Best That Money Can ThiEYE

Key features:

  • Native 4k Ultra HD Video Recording Ambarella A12S Processor and a Sony IMX117 Sensor
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • 2” LCD Screen
  • WiFi Connectivity and App Control for Editing, Adding Effects and Transitions and Instant Sharing (compatible with iOS and Android devices)
  • 197 feet professional IP8X Water, Dust and Shock Proof Housing
  • 1100mAh Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery with 75minutes Worth of Recording in a Single Charge
  • Unique 360° Rotation Buckle- for Adjusting Camera Angles and Firm Mounting
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The ThiEYE T5e Action Camera has caused quite the stir in the online action cam community with its stunning Native 4k videos and 16MP still-images, the ThiEYE T5e boasted a quality on par with the GoPro Hero4 Black but at less than half the cost. Keeping the action camera industry competitive and producing high-quality videos are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this camera can achieve.

More Than Meets the ThiEYE

The ThiEYE T5e comes packaged in a stylish black box with eye-catching metallic silver inscriptions detailing the contents within. The sophistication continues once the box is opened, with an array of accessories neatly packed away, the eye is drawn towards the stylish Action Camera with a scratch resistant Sapphire Glass front and “brushed metal” finish, neatly housed in a durable IP8X Waterproof case.

Whilst most action cams look similar, ThiEYE have gone above and beyond to stand out, creating a sleek and unique look using ridged texturing that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but provides a grip and sense of security that is lost on the smoother finish competitors.

Set-up is simple and straightforward with the Start Guide introducing you to your new ThiEYE T5e Action Camera and a meticulously designed Interface walking you through settings and introducing you to a menu stacked to the brim with the added features, modes and settings, catering to beginners and professionals alike

A ThiEYE for Detail

With the leading edge Ambarella A12S processor and the Sony IMX117 Sensor the masterminds behind the ThiEYE T5e, you can now capture your memories and your most impressive moments of action in Ultra HD 4k to re-live and share effortlessly with the touch of a button.

Whether you’re a surfer catching the waves of the day, a fisherman capturing the catch of the day, or an adrenaline junkie chasing the next thrill; the ThiEYE T5e’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) will assist in controlling pixel alignment, reducing the awkward shakiness and jumping that comes with most mid-range action cameras, providing you instead with crisp, detailed footage that’s almost as impressive as the feats you’re shooting.

The ThiEYE T5e was obviously designed with everyone in mind as settings can be changed to suit the needs of someone just starting out or a professional recording footage for business purposes. Frome white balance to ISO levels and a range of framerates, the T5e has endless potential.

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up for recordings, the T5e offers a range of scene modes and special effects including:

Wi-ThiEYE and App Connectivity

Whilst the 2” LCD ThiEYE T5e screen acts as another EYE whilst recording and enables users to continue living in the moment with instant playback features, there is much left to explore in the ThiEYE Application which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Simply connect your devices to the available WiFi connection and then you are well on your way to becoming your own director; editing your captured moments, adding effects, transitions and music to bring your masterpiece to life all through the ThiEYE application. After exploring all of the options the app has to offer, you can effortlessly share and enjoy your memories in HD with friends and family across all of your social media.

ThiEYEs on the Road

The ThiEYE T5e is an expert at many things, but unfortunately, being a Dash Cam isn’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong, the ThiEYE T5e Action Camera is more than capable of performing the tasks of a Dash Cam; with a Bike Handlebar Mount that can be fixed to motorcycles, bicycles and most tubular poles, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) enhancing clear and crisp 1080p/120fps video, motion detection, supporting charging while in use and even a DVR mode that’s purposely designed to support Dash Cam recording. If you’re after a camera that will attach to your bike and capture the beauty of your weekend ride and that will also record your underwater adventures, the ThiEYE T5e will go above and beyond to provide breathtaking footage that’s easy to share across social media. Those after a Dash Cam with the sole purpose of recording footage from a truck or car might be more interested in the ThiEYE Safeel One. Because of its large battery and compact housing, the ThiEYE T5e has been known to overheat when poorly ventilated and left in the sun on the dash or windscreen of vehicles, which could result in health and safety issues if inappropriately monitored. The Safeel One however, has been designed to withstand the pressure and heat of being a Dash Cam while giving you HD 1296P video that supports 1920X1080p/30fps all through the 145° Ultra-Wide Angle 6G Lenses. The Safeel One is jam packed with features to ensure you and your family are watched over on the road:
Selling for around $100, the Safeel One is a great low cost, high quality camera that ThiEYE ought to pride themselves for. You can head over to the ThiEYE website and explore their other dash cams and accessories, the versatility of ThiEYE and their cameras means endless support, quality and possibilities when it comes to recording the dynamic world around you.

A ThiEYE for a ThiEYE

At less than half the price of the GoPro Hero4 Black, but with nearly identical specifications, is the ThiEYE T5e too good to be true? Yes and No.

Whilst the T5e offers everything that high-end action cameras promise in terms of filming experience and video quality, there are some minor things missing from the ThiEYE T5e action camera that reflects the “mid-range” price.

4k Ultra HD image quality is a large selling point for the ThiEYE T5e and while the camera does deliver, the best results are from a stationery camera that is firmly mounted. Unfortunately, T5e users are unable utilize the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technologies whilst recording in 4k, however lowering to 1080p can support 120fps and enables EIS use without sacrificing the quality, a small price to pay.

Whilst picture quality is predominately the focus for assessing action cam quality, audio is an important factor that ThiEYE have overlooked when creating the T5e. ThiEYE T5e’s only offer mono audio recording and does not support stereo mode, which is disappointing but can be overcome with an external microphone, adjusting audio settings and through post-production editing.

The last issue that pops up regularly throughout T5e reviews is the lack of included accessories. Whilst you do receive the basic accessories for your ThiEYE T5e, including waterproof casing, two rechargeable batteries, a 360° rotating buckle mount and an adhesive mount, some argue that this isn’t enough.

For the best quality when filming in or around water it is recommended that divers, surfers, fisherman and swimmers alike purchase the Blue Water and Green Water ThiEYE filters to clarify and correct colour distortion. Due to the ThiEYE’s negative buoyancy, purchasing “floating handles” from here is recommended to avoid helplessly watching as your brand new action camera sinks to the bottom of the reservoir.

When factoring in the quality of the ThiEYE T5e’s mechanics and the low price you pay for it, paying for additional extras doesn’t seem like much of a con.

Beauty is in ThiEYE of the Beholder

Become the actor, director, editor of your own life’s movie and share the results with the ones you love with the touch of a button and a little help from the newest generation of leading-edge ThiEYE T5es with the quality of a GoPro, but at a fraction of the price.

The ThiEYE T5e is an exceptional piece of technology that places professional quality footage right into the palm of your hands. Specialising in cameras and advanced technology alone has allowed ThiEYE to create a range of cameras, from action cams, to dash cams, and even a Quadcopter Drone, that provide professional quality every time. It really is no wonder that hundreds of people have attributed the fierce competitiveness within the industry to ThiEYE and their high quality, low cost products.