Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Edition – ‘Streets’ above the rest

Key features:

  • 1080p (Full HD) @30fps
  • 1.5″ screen
  • 120 degree lens
  • Automatic Incident Detection (G-sensor)
  • GPS
  • Microphone/Audio Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • MicroSD card
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I have done extensive reaching to understand what I was looking for in a dash cam. My minimum requirements included HD footage, GPS logging, and G-sensor – anything more was a bonus. Priced very competitively and meeting these criteria, the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 caught my attention. I have been using this dash cam in my car every day for the four months, and I am yet to find a fault with its quality and reliability. In this review I uncover my pain points with it in a way that is intended to be constructive for others, and I talk in detail about these important features of the dash cam and how it has continued to exceed my expectations!

Installation and design

I hesitate to start my review on this topic, because it doesn’t tell a great story to begin with, but bear with me while I am transparent about the flaws in the product. Once the set-up is complete, it gets much better – promise!

Not confident in my own capabilities, I had the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 professionally installed in my car. The installation all went really well except for the GPS cable being far too short, which meant we had to get an extension. I am still very confused as to why the manufacture would make that particular cable so much shorter than the rest! 

My other grip with the set-up was that the micro SD card slot. It’s tiny and positioned in a difficult positon, making it impossible for me to push/pull out the micro SD card using my fingers. I ended up having to use a butter knife to help me release the micro SD card. Not a big issue in the scheme of things, just annoyance that anyone would make something so small and difficult. 

The final, and probably the most frustrating of the cons of this product is the software required. To install the Dash-Cam viewer software on your computer (Windows) you must install K-Lite Codec Pack. After installing the software I noticed that other programmes were also installed like Lavasoft Adaware Web Companion, my web browser was replaced with Bing, my video players now played in VLC. Overall, it just really stuffed up my computer’s default settings and installed terrible spyware programmes unnecessarily. 

Beyond these few challenges, the design of the dash cam is impressive! It’s small, very light and very durable. It has a neat little 1.5” LCD screen, which is sufficient really and not at all distracting for the driver or passengers. 

As I managed your expectations at the start, get support setting this dash cam up and push through these little grips, and you’ll be incredibly pleased with the rest.

Video and audio quality and reliability

This single channel camera provides incredibly high quality footage. It records at 1080p which is full HD, capturing 30 frames per second, and captures a 120 degree view of the road ahead. You can see detail of the recording with clarity and confidence. It is ‘streets’ above the rest compared to many of the other Chinese manufactured products on the market. The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 uses high end components such as the Sony IMX322 sensor and the Novatek 96655 processor to deliver flawless night time video. The product also includes a free CPL Filter to clip onto the lens to reduce glare during the day, which is helping to reduce the sky appearing to be white from automatic overexposure during the day.

The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 also has a microphone built it, which provides excellent quality audio recording – it’s as clear as day.

I have also been incredibly impressed at how quickly the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 turns on and starts recording when I get in my car – often before my radio starts playing. This is excellent because of how many accidents happen in car parks, almost immediately after you start the car and get moving.

Safety features

The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 includes some good safety features, including a G-sensor and motion detection. This function detects the emergency braking of the vehicle and ensures the video of that time period will be saved independently and will not be deleted automatically as part of the video looping feature. It’s incredibly helpful for accident investigation.

This dash cam also features GPS, which notes speed and location on all video footage. This information is equally invaluable in the event of an accident or insurance claim. In my opinion, this is a critical feature if you are looking to invest in any dash cam. I am pleased it’s an inclusion, rather than an ‘add-on’.

The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 is an ideal choice for extreme temperature climates thanks to its super capacitor and temperature rating. It’s the middle of summer in Houston now and the inside of my car easily gets over 100 degree. Not once has the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 overheated or skipped a beat for that matter – it’s proving to be incredibly reliable.

My verdict

I did a fair bit of research before buying a dash cam – I knew exactly what features I wanted and what features are a gimmick. The Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 does exactly what I’d want it to do; set it and forget it, record whenever the car is on. There is no way you’d find a dahs cam this size, this light, this powerful and this reliable all in one with pocket-friendly prices. It has all of the features you need in a quality dash cam, and its reliability far exceeds many of the competing Chinese manufactured products on the market. I think the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 is worth every cent and I highly recommend it to anyone! I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Street Guardian SG9665GC v3.