Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam – Unique but doesn’t last long

Key features:

  • Max. resolution: 2560×1440 @ 25fps
  • GPS built-in
  • Wi-Fi
  • Size: 64mm x 33mm x 65mm
  • Angle of view: 140° diagonal
  • Supports up to 128 GB MicroSD cards
  • Time and date stamp on video, speed stamp (kph) optional
  • Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor, parking mode
  • Parking mode: time lapse + 10 seconds normal recording after event
  • Internal microphone and speaker
  • Magnetic mount
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Chinese manufacturer DDPai released the M6 Plus in 2016. It’s quite a unique dash cam, which looks and operates quite differently to many of the other big players on the market. I’ve had this dash cam for five months in total. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve – one that is not very intuitive for non-Chinese speaking or very tach-savvy operators like myself – and while the camera quality is reasonable, it really hasn’t stood the test of time. Here’s what I discovered over the last few months since using the Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam that I hope can help other people make an informed decision

Set up and design

The Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam is small in size and quite minimalistic – at about 64mm x 33mm x 65mm, however it is not the most discreet camera. There is no screen on the dash cam, and the only button on the camera itself is a very small reset button. It hangs upside down from the windscreen and is secured by a magnetic mount. This mount is very easy to install and forgiving if you don’t secure it perfectly the first time around. There is also a single cable that runs to the camera which, again, keeps with its simplistic design. 

The challenges then become apparent once you try to set it up. There is not enough essential information contained in the user manuals. I had to look up YouTube and Google to watch tutorials on how to set it up properly, since there are no buttons or screens to prompt you, as there are in many other dash cams. Essentially, the Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam uses a smart phone app interface to guide you through the set up. The app is problematic. I have both an Android and an Apple phone – the android was much worse, but both had their own flaws which impacts your ability to set-up, use and navigate the footage on the dash cam. I am not the biggest fan of this design and the app needs a complete overhaul. 

Another feature of the set-up is a remote, wireless emergency button that allows you take a photo and record 10 seconds of video, which it then automatically copies to your phone via Wi-Fi. I will admit, this is a pretty useful feature and I have used it a handful of times which has worked seamlessly.

Over the last month – just five months in – the Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam has critically failed on me. Once powered up the camera go into a constant reboot mode, turning on and off on its own. There is no way to stop this. What’s more frustrating is the Chinese voiceover that literally yells at you every time it turns on and off by itself. While you can completely disable this feature, you can’t change the language or volume, so there is no other way to know if the camera is on or not if this Chinese voiceover isn’t enabled since there is no LCD display screen. This is such an infuriating fault.

Video and audio quality

The Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam records a maximum video resolution of 1440p at 25 frames per second. There is also an option to record at a lower resolution of 1296p or 1080p at 30 frames per second – I am not sure why anyone would opt to use this though as you miss a lot of the crisp detail required in your footage. 

The Ddpai M6 Plus provides very good video quality during the day, and reasonable footage at night time. During the day you’re able to make out detail of license plates and street signs without any problems. It also has a 140 degree wide lens which captures the double lanes or surroundings without appearing to be ‘fish bowl’ like.

My only negative comment on the video quality side of things is that the footage vibrates and shakes occasionally, making it difficult to see the picture clearly. I expect this might be to do with it being attached to the windscreen by a magnetic mount which isn’t very forgiving at absorbing some of the shock and bumps on the road. This isn’t constant, just occasional depending on the road surface. 

The built-in microphone also picks up clear audio quality.

Other included features

The Ddpai M6 Plus dash cam comes with built-in GPS which stamps the speed, time and location on all footage. This type of information is really important should you ever be involved in an incident requiring insurance or police services. However, a big downside to this feature on this dash came is that it’s limited to European units and does not allow you to display speed in miles, only in kilometres per hour. 

The Ddpai M6 Plus is built with a lithium battery instead of a capacitor. This simply doesn’t hold up well in the US heat – particularly in California and I expect this is why I have since experienced a critical failure of the dash cam after only five short months. It gets too hot inside a car sitting in the sun and is never the same. Most modern dash cams are built with a capacitor these days for this very reason – to protect it from extreme weather conditions. 

The Ddpai M6 Plus also comes with a time-lapse parking mode feature which records 1 fps while the car is parked. This is quite unique to other dash cams as it records constantly. In addition to this, if there is an incident – the camera senses impact or motion close to your car – it will also record for 10 seconds after an ‘event’ or impact which is excellent surveillance.

My verdict

I don’t think the Ddpai M6 Plus is built to last – not in the extreme US climates anyway. After being exposed to sunshine on a hot day, it’s critically failed after just five short months. Ddpai really need to work on improving the app interface, replacing with a capacitor and providing more options for its global customers. Instead, I would recommend a Street Guardian Sg9663dc as a more reliable product.