Best Rechargeable Dash Cam 2019 [Comparison Guide]

Keeping yourself and your car safe previously meant that you needed to hardwire your dash camera to the car battery fuse to utilize parking mode protection. For some, this came with a risk of running their car battery flat or voiding their new car’s warranty. Others use more than one car and  ant to take their dash cam with them between cars. 

Missing out on parking surveillance, a major benefit of owning a dash cam does not need to happen anymore! A rechargeable battery pack is now a viable option to hardwiring your camera into your car battery fuse box.

Clean freaks rejoice, you can get rid of those messy cables plugged in your cigarette lighter and utilise more of your camera’s features. Yes, it does cost a little bit more than a cheap hardwiring job, but the pluses are: easy installation, portability between cars and no risk of being stuck trying to find someone to help jump start your car.

As far as built in batteries go with dash cameras, their main purpose is only for use in an emergency so when we discuss “rechargeable batteries”, we are referring to external battery packs. Dash cams can be recording for hours, especially when you drive for a living, so they need to be plugged into a reliable power source (your cars cigarette lighter). The purpose of a battery in most dash cams is to save the last file(s) when the cars power is turned off. In fact, many dash cams use a supercapacitor instead of a battery because they can withstand more heat and have an almost unlimited life cycle.

Another use of an internal battery that can come in handy is giving your camera the ability to continue recording if you are in a car accident.

Below are our comparisons to help you choose the best dash cam to pair with a rechargeable battery pack that suits your needs and budget.

Best Dash Cams With Rechargeable Battery 2019 (Reviews and Comparison)




This dual channel dash cam ticks all the right boxes with overheat protection that is vital when you are using a battery pack.

Recommended for: Phone centric people – fleet management – parents concerned about their children’s safety as new drivers


  • Dual cameras with Full HD 1080p recording (front and back)
  • Internal GPS
  • Overheating protection
  • Three parking mode options – buffered recording, time lapse or G-sensor triggered (energy saving)
  • Supports up to 128GB MicroSD cards (over 14 hours of footage)

Ease your concerns about any risk of battery packs overheating because the Thinkware F800 Pro has an overheat protection feature that shuts the camera down if things get too hot to handle (either in your car or inside the camera).

One of the key benefits is being able to choose your desired parking mode so your car has the right level of surveillance when parked. Buffered recording is great when you park on the wrong side of the tracks or time lapse for your local busy shopping strip. Not sure how much battery life you have left? Energy saving parking mode is the way to go, which means your camera(s) will only start recording if the motion and G-Sensors are tripped. 

You will love the Thinkware Cloud which allows you to remotely monitor your vehicle’s location via GPS tracking with important notifications sent to your phone. No more worrying about the safety or whereabouts of employees or teenagers (even if sometimes they only need protecting from themselves!).



  • Industry leaders for quality night vision video capture
  • Dual channel – rear camera is optional.
  • Thinkware Cloud sends alerts to your phone regarding your vehicles location and movements.
  • Thinkware Cloud can also send your GPS coordinates to a specified contact number if you have an accident
  • Choose the most suitable level of protection when you are parked.
  • Heavily dependent on your smartphone to access advanced features
  • No GPS watermark
  • Live video streams are not supported yet

This dual channel dash camera allows you and your car to be connected even if you are oceans apart.

Recommended for: People who are very attached to their vehicle


  • Dual Channel HD Dash cam with front camera resolution 1080p@60fps and rear 1080p@30fps
  • GPS
  • Buffered and time lapse parking modes. Notifications sent to phone if any events are detected
  • Supports up to 128GB microSD cards (and over 12 hours of footage)
  • Livestream video feed over the BlackVue Cloud

For those of you who are unhealthily attached to your precious vehicle, your days of separation anxiety are over. The BlackVue Cloud provides livestream video feeds from your dash cam. If you have internet access you can check what’s going on around your vehicle. This will also satisfy your curiosity about what really happens when your car is at the mechanics or getting a cut and polish!

If you don’t like what you see, let them know remotely via this clever camera’s integrated microphone and speaker (also good for fleet businesses to communicate with their drivers in real time!)



  • Excellent quality video output from the front camera, in daytime and lowlight
  • Nifty removeable design
  • WIFI Connectivity, phone and PC applications
  • Overheating protection
  • Cloud viewing (watch live feeds over the net)
  • Only 10 minutes of free live stream video can be viewed per day. If you want to watch more you need to pay for a subscription
  • Low quality rear camera
  • Higher price point

Get great value for money with the budget dash cam.

Recommended for: Students, inexperienced and budget conscious drivers


  • 2.7-inch LED colour display
  • Magnetic mount – Click and Go
  • 1080p@30fps HD video recording
  • Supports up to 128GB Micro SD cards
  • Night vision and 140 degree viewing angle

This is a basic no frills dash cam that delivers quality video footage without breaking the bank. Videos can be broken up into manageable two, three- or five- minute chunks (loops) that make it easier to review and reduce the need for editing. The G-Sensor automatically detects impact or sharp changes in acceleration and protects footage from being overwritten.

The built-in lithium battery provide up to 30 minutes of back up power which will continue recording if you are in an accident.



  • Slim and compact
  • Affordable price point
  • Low power usage
  • Easily removed from its mount
  • Back up built in lithium battery which provides up to 30 minutes of power
  • No motion detection or parking mode (so don’t leave it in the car).
  • Small buttons, difficult to find and press - not recommended to operate while driving
  • No Wi-Fi, No Bluetooth, No MicroSD card included in the box.

With a wide range of features, this dash cam can cope with the heat!

Recommended for: Drivers living in hot climates


  • Records HD 1080P@30fps using WDR technology. F1.8 aperture provides sharper footage in low light.
  • Motion detection for parking protection
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to view videos in real time and take photos from your phone
  • Discrete size with a cover that conceals cables
  • 1.5-inch LCD screen

This is the dash cam for the tropics. Unlike many other cameras the Pruveeo F5 will keep working in a range of temperatures from 15 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit! Humidity is not a problem either. Open your windows and enjoy because this camera can handle 10-80% humidity levels. Pruveeo stand by their claims with a one-year free warranty service!



  • Built in battery to save files in an emergency
  • Affordable price
  • Can work perfectly in extreme temperatures (from 15 to 150 F or -9 to 65C)
  • One-year free warranty service and a lifetime quality guarantee – this dash cam is built to last.
  • Supports up to 32GB microSD card
  • At times it can be hard to read license plates
  • No night vision
  • The 1080p setting does not deliver the best quality footage. Stick to the 720p setting.

Final verdict we recommend Thinkware F800 Pro:

When you choose the industry leaders in night vision, there is no need to be scared of the dark!

Thinkware Cloud will finally help reduce the worries about the safety of drivers!!! Your camera’s GPS tracking will keep tabs on the vehicles movements and send any important notifications straight to your phone e.g. if the vehicle is in an accident.

Excellent quality HD video recording, clever features, connectivity and energyefficiency are just a few of the reasons this camera is a great choice.