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That can be one reason why you will get this error but before you go rushing out to get a new memory card, it’s important to understand how your dash cam and memory card work together and if there are any other ways you can stop this happening again. Sometimes you may even get this error when you have just inserted a brand new, top of the line memory card into your camera.
This depends on the size of your memory card and what resolution you want to record your video in. For those of us that want to go viral on YouTube, the higher resolutions and frame rates we love take up more memory and deliver less recording time. Combat this by adding a bigger memory card for more storage and longer recording times. Just make sure your dash cam is compatible..
Do you feel a bit silly asking your mates to explain the basics of how a dash camera works? Then you have come to the right place! You might have heard them called a car camera, car DVR or even an auto Blackbox recorder. It is a small, specialised camera that you stick to your vehicle windscreen or dashboard that records everything going on as you drive. Essentially....