Aukey DR02 Review – Your Second Set Of Eyes For Your Drive

Key features:

  • Automatically triggered Emergency record mode for unexpected incidents 
  • Discreet design helping the recording device to stay hidden from view 
  • High-quality resolution for clear footage day and night 
  • Hassle-free installation and powering of the device 
  • Unlimited storage with built-in override protection
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Dashboard cameras have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years due to the convenience and protection they provide for civilians and law-enforcement in the case of unexpected incidents that may occur. Working as reliable witnesses in the event of unforeseen traffic accidents and documentation against lawbreaking drivers one may come across; it’s important that you do your research and invest in high quality and reliable recording device. Making the right choice in-dash camera is vital when it comes to proving you’re a recount of events, it could be the difference between your insurance claim loss or save you from being a victim to insurance fraud scams making the Dashboard Cam Recorder Aukey DR02 an ideal driving buddy for your car trips.

Automatically Activated Emergency Record Mode

If you’ve finally decided it’s time to cover yourself in the event of traffic incidents then a dashboard camera is a fantastic solution. Your decision to make such a purchase gives reason to believe that likely on the market to find something to aid in easing you’re worried whilst on and off the road making this model you’re ideal dash cam candidate.

With auto-activated recording even when you’re not behind the wheel that’s conveniently triggered instantly by a built-in gravity sensor, the Aukey DR02 guarantees that you’re covered 24/7. Sound too good to be true? Well then knowing that the Aukey brand is confident enough in their product that they offer a 24-month warranty across their entire range of products should be enough to put you to ease.

Designed To Be Discreet

With it securely attached behind you’re a rearview mirror the Aukey is stealth in style device that still caters to all your dash cam needs. The sleek design made in black to blend in perfectly against the back of your rearview mirror makes the device unnoticeable by others and with the added benefit of not being a bulky eyesore ruining you’re the ride. Measuring up at only 77 x 51 x 37mm, this perfectly compact little device may be small but it impressively holds a powerful camera and is lavish with top of the line features.


Indisputable footage is recorded with the Aukey’s 170 degrees wide-angle and full HD lens giving you the advantage of full coverage of the road and ensuring that blind spots are not an included feature with your purchase. Do you find that night time driving is a usual practice in your life?

You may be tense about you’re footage blurring or producing hard to depict footage in the dark but the company has you covered at all hours of the day and night. HDR enhancements give night vision recording a clear quality picture and with this going hand-in-hand with the built-in motion sensor activated recording mode you can rest easy knowing you’re flashy dashboard device won’t miss a thing even in the dark.

Simply Stick And Start

Another favourable feature I found was the simplicity of the Aukey DR02 installation and its easy to understand manual that guides you through the whole process; if you’re anything like me then 

you find that tech gadgets are usually confusing but to my surprise, I had no trouble here.


With 3m double-sided sticker mounts and six cable clips that come conveniently included with your dashboard cam purchase it’s set up and ready for use within seconds, you just simply plug- in the dual port USB Charger to you’re standard car socket to power the device and then it’s up and running ready for use.


With automatic recording switched on from power up to power down you never have to experience that stressed voice nagging at you wondering if you remembered to turn it on for the day unlike the gas stove that has you getting out of bed in the middle of the night triple-checking, you turned it off properly.

Never-ending Storage

Installed with a practical looped recording system working in ten-minute segments that are automatically overwritten with the latest recorded footage. This function also assures that there is space for the automatic emergency recorder to hold its footage with an automatic override block set specifically for the crucial evidence.

A perfectly thought out system that gives you limitless storage so you never have to worry about missing critical footage or having the consistent need to replace the micro SD memory card whenever the storage gets filled. If the majority of your life is spent on the road then replacing the micro SD memory card would soon turn into a tedious task.

Another good fact to know is that the standard micro SD memory card allows efficient data transfer to your computer via a USB mini-B data cable or a micro SD card reader in case uploading of the solid evidence your dashcam documented is needed of that hit and run driver that happened while you ran inside the shop or the unbelievable story that you’re friends are never going to believe without photo evidence!

Dash Cam Of Your Dreams

Unless you can find me a model that’s programmed to hand feed me tacos while I drive along; then it’s safe to say that dashboard camera recorders do not get much better than the tried and tested Aukey DR02 model.

With features that have you completely covered throughout the day and night as well as in and out of the car. Coupled with the 170 degree range wide-angle footage that’s recorded clear enough to ensure you backup your word no matter what the situation is. While also providing a guarantee of 24-month warranty included with any model purchase across the range. This is what makes the Aukey DR02 Dashboard Camera Recorder an undoubtedly great investment if your looking for everyday peace of night from your new quality car companion.